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A Digital Illustrator, Film Maker, Director & Photographer


From Khartoum, North Sudan / Melbourne, Australia

Moey Eltom's work is an exploration of art, storytelling, and human connection.

Eltom's portfolio is more than a vivid display of versatility; it's a canvas of his life's experiences and passions. By masterfully blending art, craft, and design, he crafts narratives that resonate with realism, social consciousness, and intricate character portraits through various mediums, including music videos, short films, journalistic photography, documentary, and digital artistry.


Every piece is a testament to his deep-rooted love for storytelling and his commitment to evoking genuine emotion.  Eltom's aesthetic captures the essence of contemporary life while maintaining a timeless quality. His mission as an artist extends beyond mere visual pleasure; he seeks to inspire, educate, and forge connections through his creations.  For Eltom, art is about empathy, understanding, and the human ability to feel deeply.

A pioneer in his field, Eltom's work has been recognized and celebrated across various platforms. His commitment to exploring cultural narratives and human emotion sets him apart, making him a unique voice in today's black artistic landscape.

Whether engaging with his striking visual art or diving into his film projects, viewers are invited to connect, reflect, and be part of a journey that transcends ordinary experience, where creativity meets compassion, and art becomes a powerful medium for change.

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