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WATAN is a testament to our connection to identity,

created by the multidisciplinary artist Moey Eltom following his inspiring journey through Sudan in 2022. His inspiring journey through Sudan became a process of self-discovery and a reminder of a universal truth: "You need to know where you come from before you know where you are going."

The exhibition explores the resilience and vigor of the Sudanese people. More than just an art display, WATAN invites reflection on one's place in the world. It encourages viewers to look beyond conflict-riddled headlines to see a call for peace and hope that resonates with the people of Sudan. T


The exhibition asks what "homeland" means to each person, weaving together photography, digital illustrations, and film for an immersive experience of profound truths.

Moey's work breaks societal conventions, leading the way toward critical thought and deeper understanding. He emerges as a courageous storyteller, connecting audiences to a more enriched understanding of life and its value.

WATAN is not just an exploration of Moey's experiences but a wider investigation into identity, resilience, and connection. It's an artistic journey that unites personal experiences with universal themes, speaking to the core of what it means to belong.

Curated by Mariam Koslay

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